Internet Speed Test

Ptclspeedtesting is a tool to test online internet speed fast and accurate. The tool helps you to determine your internet speed in no time. Also, you can check your internet speed on mobile without installing app. The Tool Works for on Pakistan internet services.

You may found many internet speed testing tools online but the only trust worthy tool is ptclspeedtesting. Because our algorithm works smarter than any other tool available online.

Many internet service provider advertised broadband download speed start up to 2mb 4mb 8mb 16mb but may be you are getting lower than the provider commited. So, to check the speed on neutral platform is a great idea because may be internet connection provider cheats you.

You must check 2 to 3 times to get actual internet speed. Because, on first you may get not the actual speed but testing 2 to 3 time you might get an idea of average speed you are getting.

The internet speed testing tool show you multiple thing that needs to be understand.

Download Speed:

To check download speed we download file from the internet service provider server to user computer. We see how long it take to download the time from server to user computer or mobile.

Upload Speed:

To check Upload speed we Upload file from the user computer to internet service provider server. We see how long it take to Upload file the time from server to user computer or mobile.


when some network package take time to travel from on machine to another, the delay of sending and receiving packets between two system is called jitters. Jitter show results from network travelling route changes, from timing drift. The Tool display result in number and ms like 2 ms 4 ms 6 ms 8 ms.


When we send echo request from user network to any other computer available on network and we receive the reply is called ping. Ping result display in number and ms like 2ms 4ms 6ms.

The tool will check from 256 kbps to 100 Mbps internet connection speed

Shared Internet Service

If your network shared with hundred’s of people the speed you get may fluctuate. because, when maximum internet user using the service the speed got shared and you will get slow speed. Most of the time people sleep in night so after they slept you will get more speed than your actual package.

How to use internet speed tool on Wifi Networks

On wifi networks the tool will not show you the exact result because you have to disconnect all connected device and stop any other backgroud working app. because wifi router distribute internet speed between connected devices so the tool would not give you the accurate result.

What internet should we use?

it depends on user mentality, because in Pakistan if ther user want to browse only social media in our view you need to get an wireless network like jazz warid witribe other wireless network. they give you less bandwith but fast speed than any other internet.

but if you want to connect multiple device so you need to get broadband or dsl internet. because broadband or DSL internet provide unlimited bandwidth downloading and uploading in lowest price.

Ideal Internet Speed As per Different User:

1–5 Mbps5-10 Mbps10-20 Mbps25+ Mbps
Basic internet work like social media, you tube videos or more.To watch high definition videos download more files faster.Usually for gamer and provide fast downloading and uploading speed.Normally we found this speed in corporate sector.
Internet User Intent Chart

how to test download speed?

Just click on the go button the speed test tool will start to calculate the internet speed.

what is internet speed?

The speed refers the data travel through world wide web to your computer or from your computer to world wide web at a rate is called internet speed.

what is a good internet speed?

it depends on internet user some people found 2mb internet speed satisfying but some feel discomfortable on 2mb internet connection.

how to test internet speed on pc?