Fariya Net Speed Test

fariya-net-speed-testFariya net speed test is a helpful tool to check internet speed. The tools displays download and upload speed. Also, it shows you two more indication to help you technically, jitter and ping.

Also, check the world call speed test.

Fariya Speed Test

Fariya Net Speed test tool helps you in a lot of situations to counter check your isp. because some time isp cheats the internet user they committed to give higher internet speed. but, actually, the speed will be slow. In another word, its time to check your internet package.

If you’ve selected 4mbps package so the speed must be 4mbps in downloading area. But, we personally realised that no local internet service provider can give you the exact speed at every time of the day.

Download Speed:

Download speed is measure through downloading from your server network. 

Upload Speed:

Upload Speed is measure through uploading from your server network.

So, you should upgrade your internet connection to gpon fiber optic to get high speed. Because in a shared network when people are online at the same time when you are online. The internet speed will be compromised. Not only downloading speed but also your browsing speed. Even you can’t browse the fastest site google.

Fariya Network provides Broadband, Fiber Optic and Bpo service. Generally, we recommended people to take fiber-optic service because it provides you always-on internet without compromising the internet speed.

Bandwidth is the amount of data can be transferred through the internet link in a given time.

So whenever your internet getting slow down you must learn to troubleshoot. And check with our tool the download and upload speed. If it’s matched with your expectation that’s good. but if not match, so make a call your isp helpline and refer this tool.

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