Nayatel Speed Test

nayatel-speed-test-toolNayatel Speed Test Tool is a web service that provides the fast and accurate calculation of internet download and upload speed. The tool design to operate on any device like mobile, tablet and desktop.

How does the Nayatel Internet Speed Test Tool work?

The tool shows the speed result in two form download and upload. Download speed measure through downloading files from the server to your computer on a specific time. Upload speed measure through sending files through your computer to sever on a specific time. So, the result will display in Mbps or kbps is called speed test.

Download Speed Measurement:

Every download speed test calculates the data rate of downloading from the server to the user computer.

Upload Speed Measurement:

Every upload speed test calculate the data rate of uploading from user computer to the server

The test will have been performed within your browser. So, you don’t need to install any windows or apk application.

If your network speed results show slow than you expect. you should contact your internet speed to provide about the slow speed.

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How To Start Internet Speed Test?

To Check the speed Just click to Go Button and the application would start calculating speed. The Nayatel Speed Test shows the result in 30 to 60 sec.

What is the Nayatel Broadband Speed Testing Service?

Nayatel is fibre internet service providers in the main city of Pakistan like Faisalabad, Islamabad and Peshawar. It’s an (FFTH)fiber to home service that is pretty fast than any other service. Nayatel was founded in 2002 as Dsl provide but as they improved now they only provide fiber to home service in Pakistan.

Nayatel speed bundle package is as follows:
Unlimited download or upload 10mbps for Rs. 200/month and 30mbps 399/month.

Maximum and Minimum Nayatel Internet Speed

Nayatel maximum Upload 18 and Download 17 Mbps as per May 2020 record. Minimum download and upload speed are 5 Mbps as per October 2019 record. Nayatel Average Speed is 10 Mbps.

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