Paknet Speed Test

Paknet Speed Test Tool

Paknet-speed-testPaknet speed test tool is an online service to test internet speed. Internet speed is measured through sending chunks of data to your server after getting the response we measure the speed how much your server takes time to respond when we download or upload something from your server.

It is a good chance to check the accurate speed of your internet because some internet service provider cheats their user on the speed you will see our tool gives you an estimation in Mbps and kbps.

If you use wifi router so the tool will only show you the speed of your device receiving packets because wifi router distributes internet speed equally in connected devices so whenever you want to take the test accurately you must connect only one device at a time.

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The tool also shows you the ping echo request size that sent to your server. If your server response slowly it will show you maximum or minimum response time with IP address.

Paknet speed test tool is a free online service. Our algorithm continuously improving to show to the accurate jitter, ping download and upload result. You will found many free tools online but the only accurate result you will found here you can check multiple time internet speed there is no limit and surveys.

You don’t need to download the tool you can check your internet speed online it means there is no useless application which wastes your time just open the website and click on Start Button the process will start and in a minute or half, it will show you the result in Mbps and kbps. Thank you For using our tool and please share it on Facebook and WhatsApp.

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