Warid Speed Test – Warid 4g LTE Speed checking Tool

warid-speed-testWarid speed test is a tool to check Warid telecom internet speed fast and accurate. The tool helps you to stay informed about your internet speed wherever you are. Most tools work on a desktop computer but on a smartphone, you need to install an application. But ptclspeedtesting tool works on every device might you use a tablet or iPad.

Do not worry about installing an app to check the accurate and fast Result.

How The Tool Works

The speed test tool works by sending a request from the user’s device to the main server. We estimate how long does the server to communicate with the client device through the internet. We measure this roundtrip in a millisecond.

How to Understand the Warid Internet Speed Test Tool

The tool is a lot easier to understand for anyone. Interactive design with dynamic results. Some of the words you should know their meanings Like ping, jitter, download and upload speed.


Jitter shows the packed delay from the server to the user computer.

In simple word, ping is when you send an (ICMP) echo request to the destination host and waiting for an ICMP echo reply. The tool shows you the result in a millisecond with the number, like 2ms 4ms 6ms. 1 to 5ms is ideal.

Warid Download Speed:

To check Downloading Speed we download files through your internet from Unknown site to your computer the time your internet takes we call as Mega Byte Per Second Downloading.

Warid Upload Speed:

To check Uploading Speed we Upload files through your Computer to Unknown site the time your internet takes to Upload file we call as Mega Byte Per Second Upload.

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