Wateen Speed Test

What is Wateen?


Wateen Telecom dsl is a converged communication service provider located in Lahore, Pakistan. It delivers the integration solution of the Internet, Voice, multimedia, and enterprise solution within a single network. It has deployed the largest fiber-optic Network nationwide and helping organizations and individuals by providing high speed internet connectivity.

We are providing the Wateen Speed Test tool to make the most of your trust on your Wateen Net service provider.

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What is Wateen speed test

Wi-tribe Speed Test

Wateen Speed Test is the internet speed check which provides an accurate measure of its upload speed, download speed, and ping (delay time).

Since Wateen provides the Fiber Broadband in few cities nationally, so you can also perform the fiber speed test via our Wateen speed meter.

How Wateen speed test tool work

There is many speed test tool available online, but there are few which should be bookmarked for the trustworthy result. Here’s how our speed test tool work:

  1. First, it will check the availability of your internet connection and will prompt the user to know if it’s internet connection is available or not.
  2. Our tool also determines your location automatically and mentions the IP address.
  3. Then it will start its main job to calculate the downloading and uploading speed.

Downloading Speed is the incoming speed and determines the speed of loading pages in the browser, mailbox files, online videos, photos, and so on. 

A good download internet speed is 25Mbps and supports the most online activity like online gaming, HD streaming, web browsing, online calling, downloading videos, etc.

Fast internet speed is considered as 100+ Mbps where there is the requirement of multiple devices and users at once.

Uploading Speed is the rate of return 

Good upload speed is 10 Mbps or higher and can handle the common uploading activities of the user.

Both downloading and uploading speed is a variable value and can vary each time and during the day. Both speed measure in megabits per second (Mbps).

  4. Then this tool also calculates the ping time, which is the round trip time for the internet packet to reach the host and return back to the sender. It measures how fast you get the response for an HTTP request sent to the server against your request. 

It measures in a millisecond and for a good ping, it should be below 20ms. Greater than 150ms will result in noticeable lag time and your actions will perform in a little longer time.

 5. After complete calculations, final values for the ping, download, and upload will be displayed to the user and can be saved for future reference.

How to start the test?

It’s pretty easy to find your internet speed via our tool.

  • Just go to your browser and type our URL:
  • Press the START button and let the tool get its job done.

It’s pretty foolproof, Haan!! 

  • You don’t need to install any extra application; your browser will do its job efficiently.
  • Our tool takes about a minute of time to diagnose the exact calculation.
  • For efficient and confident results, you must close the extra processing work in windows so it would not affect the results.

Enjoy your internet each day….
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