Wi-tribe Speed Test

Wi-tribe Intro:
Wi-tribe Speed TestWitribe provides internet service in Pakistan Since April 2007. The Qatar Telecom Company acquired shared of witribe in 2009. Institute of the chartered accountant in England and Wales approved witribe. And again in 2016 wi-tribe was acquired by HB Group.
Witribe Speed test is the only wireless internet company provider in Pakistan which provides unlimited internet bandwidth with 10mbps speed.

How to understand Speed Test Tool:
Wi-tribe speed test is a web service providing free internet speed checking in no time. The speed test tool gives you an accurate and fast result in 30 to 60 sec. it’s an exception that you don’t need to install it into your mobile. Just open our site test the speed.
The tool shows you 4 result in the category. First one is Download Speed.

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Download Speed:

Internet Download Speed is calculated through downloading files from your server to your computer.

Upload Speed.

Internet Upload Speed is calculated through uploading files from your computer to your server. Usually, Internet Service Provider provides low uploading speed.


Jitter shows the packed delay from the server to the user computer.

In simple word, ping is when you send an (ICMP) echo request to the destination host and waiting for an ICMP echo reply. The tool shows you the result in a millisecond with the number, like 2ms 4ms 6ms. 1 to 5ms is ideal.

How to start the Internet speed test tool:

To check wi-tribe speed just clicking on Go button the test will begin to calculate internet speed.

The tools designed for good user experience.

Wi-tribe Internet Speed Packages that boost up your mind:

  1. 2mbps
  2. 3mbps
  3. 5mbps
  4. Postpaid LTE-A 4.5g
  5. Unlimited Flash
  6. Unlimited Elite

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