World Call Speed Test

worldcall-speed-testWorld Call speed test is a web service provides free analysis of internet connection performance with metrics. The tool shows the connection data rate and latency. The service test the speed and connection delay of an internet connection geographically dispersed servers.

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How the Speed Test Tool Works

Download Speed Measurement:

Every download speed test calculates the data rate of downloading from the server to the user computer.

Upload Speed Measurement:

Every upload speed test calculate the data rate of uploading from user computer to the server

Every test calculated within the user browser or the app.

How to Start the Speed Test

worldcall-speed-testWhen you click on the start button the test will begin to calculate the data rate, latency, ping and jitter. The tool shows you the result in a minute. Don’t worry about the delay.

How to Understand Speed Test Result:

The worldcall broadband speed tool will show you the result in mbps or kbps. You can use internet on mobile through connecting router to broadband. However, Setting is little bit of difficult so whenever you want to attach wifi router call your customer support.

We have already discussed the topic of download and upload speed. The tool shows you two more thing ping and jitter. Let talk about ping first.

In simple word, ping is when you send an (ICMP) echo request to the destination host and waiting for an ICMP echo reply. The tool shows you the result in a millisecond with the number, like 2ms 4ms 6ms. 1 to 5ms is ideal.

Jitter shows the packed delay from the server to the user computer.


World Call company was founded by Salman Taseer in 1996. The company main headquarter is in Lahore. World Call offers telecommunication and multimedia service to its user. In 2008 51% share acquired by Omantel for a confidential amount. World call internet coverage main areas are Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

Last Week World Call Speed Test Results

The world call company’s last week speed test result has shown below as average, maximum, minimum speed.


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