Zong Speed Test – Fast and Accurate Result

zong-speed-testZong Speed Test is a tool to test zong internet speed fast and accurately without even installing an app.  The tool will display your downloading and uploading speed in 60 seconds. To check internet speed on a neutral platform is a good idea to measure the actual internet speed you are getting from Zong Server.

We give you a slight idea of Zong internet speed because we did some surveys on that, and the result is shocking. We asked the people about zong internet speed so people told us nowadays zong internet speed decreased from 12 to 16 Mbps to 3 to 4 Mbps in 4g LTE mode.

Some people told us about zong bolt plus 4g speed is much better than Sim Internet, but also they taught us about zong device must be at your roof or outside house to get the full speed.

We have surveyed all the internet service providers, whom are available in Pakistan soon we publish the report that which is the fastest internet in Pakistan and you must get one.

How Zong Speed Test Tool Works

There are lot of internet speed test tool online but only trustworthy tool is ptclspeedtesting. because we designed our tool for special Cable Internet And Wireless Internet Provider in Pakistan.

  1. First, you visit our website by typing ptclspeedtesting.com.pk on your browser.
  2. Then Choose Your ISP from the Category to get correct results.
  3. Click On Go Button the tool will start to measure your ping, jitter, download, and upload speed.
  4. Tool Will Publish the result in 60 seconds
  5. Please Check to 2 to 3 times for counter check the speed.

If you are receiving slow speed from the ISP and you change your location to open area and still you are not getting the actual speed you must contact Zong Helpline for further Help.

Zong Download Speed:

To check Downloading Speed we download files through your internet from Unknown site to your computer the time your internet consumes we call as Mega Byte Per Second Downloading.

Zong Upload Speed:

To check Uploading Speed we Upload files through your Computer to Unknown site the time your internet consume to Upload file we call as Mega Byte Per Second Upload.

Zong Internet In Pakistan

Zong came to Pakistan in 2008 announced multiple different attractive packs for the mobile user. The only Company grows faster in Pakistan by providing cheap SMS and call packages on its startup. After 4g internet introduces in Pakistan zong was the fastest internet service in Pakistan. From 2018 we detect the speed getting slow as the users increased.

This tool works for following Zong Internet Service and Devices.

  1. Zong 4g Bolt Plus
  2. Zong Wifi or Mifi Cloud Usb
  3. 3g 4g

5g is not introduced in pakistan but our tool also work for 5g internet for foreign countries.

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